Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding regarding the dinner. As we go to print, we are entering the new national lockdown and the Bliss Hotel is rescheduling their events. We have decided to remain with them as the venue until such time as that is not possible.
The new date for the dinner is...

SATURDAY 16th October 2021

We will send out regular emails with as much notice and information as we can. As with the 2020 arrangements, even if you left your payment in place, please will you confirm your intension to join us as soon as possible, by email, to Jonathan Elliott (jonelliott61@hotmail.com).

The price to the association has inevitably increased. For anyone who paid for 2020 we will honour the 2020 ticket price.

We are again planning to offer a menu choice. We will publish the menu closer to the date by email, on the web site and the Facebook group. A standard three course (option A) will be provided to anyone who is attending but who has not made a choice. Anyone wishing to make a choice is required to pay in advance (received by September 16th) and stating in writing their preference (with names if more than one person).

The ticket price for the 3 course meal is £40.

If you wish to have cheese as your 3
rd course, then there is a £5 supplement. The ticket price for 3 courses with cheese as the third course is £45.

Finally, you can have the 3 course meal and add the cheese platter as a 4
th course. The ticket price for the 4 course meal is £48. Please note, this cheese option cannot be added on the night.

Please note that we are requesting payment in advance. Payment can be made by Bank transfers (Please contact a committee member for details), cash or cheques, (payable to „Old Georgians Association‟). If you do make a transfer, please ensure you put your name as the reference and email Jon Elliott to confirm.

Please avoid payment on the evening, but if you have no other option, please seek out Jonathan Elliott on your arrival.
The cost to the Association has increased and we were hoping to give a sizable donation to charity from the monies raised before and at the dinner. Rather than increase the ticket price for those who have already paid, we are asking our members and attendees to make a voluntary donation to our chosen charity, Queens Court Hospice, Southport. The link to the visufund page is below:

Contributions to the raffle prizes are welcomed. Please can you inform Jon in advance if you plan to donate a prize and what it might be.

We can accommodate requests for tickets after September 16th and we will confirm your place on receipt should we still have places available. Cancellations made within 10 days of the event may not be refundable. All bookings must be confirmed ten days before the event date to Jon Elliott. Any not confirmed will be released, so as not to incur a charge. Jon Elliott is on
jonelliott61@hotmail.com or 07969889843. You can also contact Stan Rimmer (01704 576713).

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