2020 - Our Centenary Year

The original boys school, Woodlands, opened in 1920. The Golden Jubilee was celebrated in 1970 and as we approach 2020, we are planning for our Centenary. It is not viable to hold both the Annual Dinner and a special event that year, so the OGA Committee has agreed to hold a single event, the

OGA Centenary Dinner

The date is the traditional date for the Association, Maundy Thursday, April 9th 2020. The venue is yet to be confirmed and this will depend on the numbers attending.

This may seem a long way off, but the planning is already underway and it is useful to let as many people know in advance to 'save the date!'.

The invitation is open to members of the Association, their partners and any other friends and family that they would like to join them at this event. Members can, of course, still attend by themselves and be seated with their regular fellows.

We already have acceptance in principal from several guests of honour, including Lord Derby (whose great grandfather opened the school). We plan to have musical entertainment on the evening, centred around the artistes being current and/or former members of the School and/or College.

The dress code will remain as usual, Lounge suits for gentlemen and casual/cocktail dress for the ladies.

This year we offered a pre-booked menu selection and we will be doing the same for the Centenary Dinner.

Several members have already committed to reserving a table to seat 8 or 10 and if anyone wishes to do the same to ensure their party is seated together, please contact Jon Elliott with names and numbers. While tickets will be available to within a few days of the event, it will help enormously with the planning if applications can be made as soon as possible. This will effect both the venue and the menu selection.

For those who combine the events, the golf competition will also be taking place earlier in the day.

For any further enquiries, please contact Jonathan Elliott by email on jonelliott61@hotmail.com, or any other Committee member.

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